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Кристина Джорджина Россетти (Christina Georgina Rossetti) (1830-1894)
Кристина Джорджина Россетти (Christina Georgina Rossetti)

Рейтинг популярности стихотворений поэта на сайте Английская поэзия
  1. Когда я умруWhen I Am Dead, My Dearest
  2. ПомниRemember
  3. Clouds
  4. Let Me Go
  5. Christmas Eve
  6. Алмаз и уголёкA Diamond or a Coal?
  7. РадугаBoats Sail on the Rivers
  8. Что нам принесла пчела?What Does the Bee Do?
  9. Goblin Market
  10. ЗвёздыWhat Do the Stars Do
  11. Счастливая ЭллиDancing on the Hill-Tops
  12. ЛасточкаFly Away, Fly Away Over the Sea
  13. Spring
  14. Что это такое?There Is One That Has a Head without an Eye
  15. Winter Rain
  16. A Chilly Night
  17. Рыбки вдруг раскрыли зонтWhen Fishes Set Umbrellas up
  18. The Summer Nights Are Short
  19. ДубA Toadstool Comes up in a Night
  20. Christmas Day
  21. КораллA Sailor, Come Ashore
  22. Хряк-джентльменIf a Pig Wore a Wig
  23. Blind From My Birth
  24. An October Garden
  25. A Dream
  26. The Poor Ghost
  27. Dream Land
  28. Who Has Seen the Wind?
  29. How Many Seconds In A Minute?
  30. Three Seasons
  31. Who Shall Deliver Me?
  32. A Daughter of Eve
  33. Last Night
  34. My Friend
  35. A Christmas Carol
  36. Sound Sleep
  37. Echo
  38. Amen
  39. A Baby's Cradle With No Baby In It
  40. I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love
  41. Vanity Of Vanities
  42. Ferry Me Across The Water
  43. Cousin Kate
  44. A Birthday
  45. What Will You Give Me For My Pound?
  46. The Rose With Such A Bonny Blush
  47. January Cold Desolate
  48. A Year’s Windfalls
  49. The Lily Has A Smooth Stalk
  50. Sleeping at Last
  51. Baby Lies So Fast Asleep
  52. Uphill
  53. A Royal Princess
  54. Color
  55. From Sunset to Star Rise
  56. Mirage
  57. There's Snow On The Fields
  58. The Skylark
  59. The World
  60. To My Mother
  61. A Ballad of Boding
  62. Winter: My Secret
  63. Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose
  64. I Have A Poll Parrot
  65. A Pause
  66. No, Thank You John
  67. Memory
  68. Brown And Furry
  69. Lady Maggie
  70. A Better Ressurection
  71. Come Unto Me
  72. Twice
  73. Dead Hope
  74. The One Certainty
  75. A Testimony
  76. Sweet Death
  77. After Death
  78. What Does The Donkey Bray About?
  79. Hear What The Mournful Linnets Say
  80. I Am A King
  81. Old and New Year Ditties
  82. Your Brother Has A Falcon
  83. Eve
  84. Brownie, Brownie, Let Down Your Milk
  85. The Convent Threshold
  86. I Caught a Little Ladybird
  87. A Summer Wish
  88. Fluttered Wings
  89. Once For All
  90. Maiden May
  91. Twilight Night
  92. A Hope Carol
  93. Three Little Children
  94. Repining
  95. Introspective
  96. Under The Ivy Bush
  97. Rosy Maiden Winifred

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