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Томас Гуд (Худ) (Thomas Hood) (1799-1845)
Томас Гуд (Худ) (Thomas Hood)

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  1. Песня о рубашкеThe Song of the Shirt
  2. НоябрьNo!
  3. Неверному другуTo a False Friend
  4. ОсеньAutumn (The Autumn skies are flushed with gold)
  5. ЗолотоGold!
  6. Рождественская песня беднякаThe Pauper’s Christmas Carol
  7. У смертного одраThe Death Bed
  8. Christmas Holidays
  9. Жизнь, прощай! мутится умFarewell, Life! My Senses Swim
  10. ТишинаSilence
  11. ИзгнаниеThe Exile
  12. СигараThe Cigar
  13. Девушке, с которой я рассталсяTo an Absentee
  14. Сошлись, но не притёрлисьPair’d Not Match’d
  15. Смена кабинета министровChange of Ministry
  16. Джек ХоллJack Hall
  17. Autumn (I Saw old Autumn in the misty morn)
  18. Фабричные часыThe Workhouse Clock
  19. Сон холостякаThe Bachelor’s Dream
  20. ЭпиграммаEpigram
  21. Сердце и часыHeart-Springs
  22. Трафальгарская площадьOn the Statues in Trafalgar Square
  23. Англо-афганская войнаOn Lieutenant Eyre’s Narrative of the Disasters at Cabul
  24. ЛирLear
  25. Размышления в Новый годReflections on a New Year’s Day
  26. Конная статуя ВеллингтонуOn a Certain Equestrian Statue at the Royal Exchange
  27. Размышления по поводу наказания самоубийц – удачливых и неудачливыхPunishment of Suicides
  28. «Атол Броз»On Athol Brose
  29. I Love Thee
  30. Ode to Melancholy
  31. Faithless Nelly Gray
  32. Midnight
  33. Past and Present
  34. Sonnet to My Wife
  35. Fair Ines
  36. The Forsaken
  37. Allegory
  38. Lines
  39. The Haunted House
  40. Ode to the Moon
  41. The Dream Fairy
  42. Sonnet (Love, dearest Lady, such as I would speak)
  43. Death
  44. Hymn to the Sun
  45. A Lake and a Fairy Boat
  46. To a Sleeping Child
  47. Time of Roses
  48. Ruth
  49. The Bridge of Sighs
  50. To Hope
  51. To a Cold Beauty
  52. A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
  53. The Lost Heir
  54. Stanzas (Still glides the gentle streamlet on)
  55. Serenade
  56. The Water Lady
  57. Faithless Sally Brown
  58. To an Enthusiast
  59. Time, Hope and Memory
  60. Verses in an Album
  61. Sonnet to Ocean
  62. Birthday Verses
  63. My Heart Is Sick with Longing
  64. Flowers
  65. Song (There is dew for the flow'ret)
  66. Anticipation
  67. A Retrospective Review
  68. Ballad (Sigh on, sad heart, for Love's eclipse)
  69. Autumn (The Autumn is old)
  70. The Lee Shore
  71. In Rotterdam
  72. Song (O Lady, leave thy silken thread)
  73. Lines on Seeing My Wife and Two Children Sleeping in the Same Chamber
  74. The Dream of Eugene Aram
  75. To ---
  76. To a Child Embracing His Mother
  77. Sonnet on Receiving a Gift
  78. False Poets and True
  79. The World Is with Me
  80. To Fancy
  81. Sonnet (By ev'ry sweet tradition of true hearts)
  82. Ballad (Spring it is cheery)
  83. The Poet's Portion
  84. Sonnet for the 14th of February
  85. To My Daughter on Her Birthday
  86. The Two Swans
  87. Hero and Leander
  88. Song (The stars are with the voyager)
  89. Ode on a Distant Prospect of Clapham Academy
  90. The Departure of Summer
  91. The Two Peacocks of Bedfont
  92. Sonnet (How bravely Autumn paints upon the sky)
  93. Written in Keats' “Endymion”
  94. The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies
  95. Ballad (She's up and gone, the graceless girl)
  96. Stanzas (Is there a bitter pang for love removed)
  97. The Boy at the Nore

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