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Фелиция Доротея Хеманз (Felicia Dorothea Hemans) (1793-1835)
Felicia Dorothea Hemans (Фелиция Доротея Хеманс)

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  1. КасабьянкаCasabianca
  2. Путешественник у истоков НилаThe Traveller at the Source of the Nile
  3. The Voice of Spring
  4. Breathings of Spring
  5. Убаюкай, родная, больную меняMother! Oh, Sing Me to Rest
  6. Все, что вольно, снится мнеI Dream of all Things Free!
  7. Christmas Carol
  8. Sabbath Sonnet
  9. Dirge
  10. England and Spain
  11. The Rainbow
  12. Harvest Hymn
  13. The Sunbeam
  14. Invocation to the Fairies
  15. The Suliote Mother
  16. An Hour of Romance
  17. Valkyriur Song
  18. A Voyager's Dream of Land
  19. Ode to Cheerfulness
  20. The Thunderstorm
  21. Flight of the Spirit
  22. The Image in Lava
  23. The Revellers
  24. To My Mother
  25. Kindred Hearts
  26. To a Younger Child
  27. Sonnet, for My Mother’s Birthday
  28. The Bird's Release
  29. Alaric in Italy
  30. The Lilies of the Field
  31. To the Eye
  32. On My Mother's Birthday
  33. The Spanish Chapel
  34. Moon-Light
  35. Address to Thought
  36. Dartmoor
  37. Burial of William the Conqueror
  38. To a Departed Spirit
  39. The Ivy of Kenilworth
  40. A Farewell to Abbotsford
  41. Scene in a Dalecarlian Mine
  42. The Cliffs of Dover
  43. The Bell at Sea
  44. A Remembrance of Grasmere
  45. The Dial of Flowers
  46. Cœur de Lion at the Bier of His Father
  47. Old Norway
  48. The Vassal’s Lament for the Fallen Tree
  49. Eryri Wen
  50. The Child's First Grief
  51. A Farewell to Wales
  52. Our Lady’s Well
  53. Taliesin’s Prophecy
  54. Druid Chorus on the Landing of the Romans
  55. The Rock of Cader Idris
  56. The Grave of a Poetess
  57. Written after Visiting a Tomb near Woodstock
  58. The River Clwyd, in North Wales
  59. The Music of St. Patrick’s
  60. Joan of Arc in Rheims
  61. Lines Written for the Album at Rosanna

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