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Роберт Лоренс Биньон (Robert Laurence Binyon) (1869-1943)
Роберт Лоренс Биньон (Robert Laurence Binyon)

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  1. First Day Of Winter
  2. ПесняA Song
  3. КоммивояжёрCommercial
  4. May Morning
  5. Evening Rain
  6. November
  7. A New Idol
  8. For the Fallen
  9. To The Summer Night
  10. The Clue
  11. I Am Here, And You
  12. Lament
  13. How Dark, How Quiet Sleeps The Vale Below
  14. Carvalhos
  15. In The Shadow Of A Broken House
  16. The Sun Goes Down, On Other Lands To Shine
  17. Vision Of Peace, Joy Without Stain
  18. Pale Are The Words I Build For My Delight
  19. John Winter
  20. A Daffodil
  21. Holiday
  22. O Sorrowful Thought! But One More Flying Year
  23. Seeking And Finding
  24. The Birch Tree
  25. The Promise
  26. Naked
  27. Little Hands
  28. On The Hills
  29. Kitchener
  30. In Misty Blue
  31. A Prelude At Evening
  32. Between The Mountains And The Plain
  33. The Anvil
  34. Ypres
  35. In Memory of George Calderon

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