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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

A Lyric of Love

THE Lark that nestles nearest earth,
    To Heaven's gate nighest sings
And loving thee, my lowly life
    Doth mount on Lark-like wings!
Thine eyes are starry promises:
    And affluent above
All measure in its blessing, is
    The largess of thy love.

Merry as laughter 'mong the hills,
    Spring dances at my heart!
And at my wooing Nature's soul,
    Into her face will start!
The Queen-moon, in her starry bower
    Looks happier for our love;
A dewier splendour fills the flower,
    And mellower coos the Dove.

My heart may sometimes blind mine eyes
    With utterance of tears,
But feels no pang for thee, Belov'd!
    But all the more endears:
And if life comes with cross and care
    Unknown in years of yore,
I know thou'lt half the burden bears
    And I am strong once more.

Ah! now I see my life was shorn,
    That, like the forest-brook
When leaves are shed, my darkling soul
    Up in heaven's face might look!
And blessings on the storm that gave
    Me haven on thy breast,
Where life hath climaxt like a wave
    That breaks in perfect rest.

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