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Caroline Lamb (Каролина Лэм)

Thou Wouldst Not Do What I Have Done

If thou couldst know what 'tis to weep,
 To weep unpitied and alone,
The live-long night, whilst others sleep,
Silent and mournful watch to keep,
 Thou wouldst not do what I have done.

If thou couldst know what 'tis to smile,
 To smile whilst scorn'd by every one,
To hide by many an artful wile,
A heart that knows more grief than guile,
 Thou wouldst not do what I have done.

And, oh! if thou couldst think how drear,
 When friends are changed, and health is gone,
The world would to thine eyes appear,
If thou, like me, to none wert dear,
 Thou wouldst not do what I have done.

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