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Thomas Hood (Томас Гуд (Худ))

To a Child Embracing His Mother

Love thy mother, little one!
Kiss and clasp her neck again,--
Hereafter she may have a son
Will kiss and clasp her neck in vain.
  Love thy mother, little one!

Gaze upon her living eyes,
And mirror back her love for thee,--
Hereafter thou mayst shudder sighs
To meet them when they cannot see.
  Gaze upon her living eyes!

Press her lips the while they glow
With love that they have often told,--
Hereafter thou mayst press in woe,
And kiss them till thine own are cold.
  Press her lips the while they glow!

Oh, revere her raven hair!
Although it be not silver-gray;
Too early Death, led on by Care,
May snatch save one dear lock away.
  Oh, revere her raven hair!

Pray for her at eve and morn,
That Heaven may long the stroke defer,--
For thou mayst live the hour forlorn
When thou wilt ask to die with her.
  Pray for her at eve and morn!

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