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Robert Henryson (Роберт Хенрисон)

The Abbey Walk

Allone as I went up and doun,
In ane abbay wes fair to se,
Thinkand quhat consolatioun
Wes best in to adversitie,
On cais I kest on syd myne e
And saw this writtin upoun a wall:
"Off quhat estait, man, that thow be,
Obey and thank thi God off all.
"Thy kindome and thy grit empyre,
Thy ryeltie nor rich array,
Sall nocht indure at thi desyre,
Bot as the wind will wend away;
Thy gold and all thi gudis gay,
Quhen fortoun list, will fra the fall:
Sen thow sic sampillis seyis ilk day,
Obey and thank thi God of all.
"Job was moist riche, in writ we find,
Thobe moist full of cheretie -
Job wox peur and Thoby blynd,
Baith temptit with adversitie:
Sen blindnes wes infirmitie,
And povertie was naturall,
Thairfoir in patience baith he and he
Obeid and thankit God of all.
"Thocht thow be blind or haif ane halt,
Or in thy face deformit ill,
Sa it cum nocht throw thy defalt,
Na man sowld the repreif by skill:
Blame nocht thy lord, sa is his will,
Spur nocht thy fute aganis the wall,
Bot with meik hairt and prayar still
Obey and thank thy God of all.
"God of His justice mon correct,
And of His mercy petie haif;
He is ane juge to nane suspect,
To puneis synffull man and saif:
Thocht thow be lord attouir the laif,
And eftirwart maid bund and thrall,
Ane peure begger with skrip and staif,
Obey and thank thy God of all.
"This changeing and grit variance
Of erdly staitis up and doun
Is nocht throw casualtie and chance,
As sum men sayis, withowt ressoun,
Bot be the grit provisioun
Of God aboif that rewill the sall:
Thairfoir evir thow mak the boun
To obey and thank thy God of all.
"In welth be meik, heiche not thy self,
Be glaid in wilfull povertie;
Thy power and thy warldlie pelf
Is nocht bot verry vanitie:
Remembir him that deit on tre
For thy saik taistit bittir gall,
Quha hyis law and lawis he - 
Obey and thank thy God of all."

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