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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

Bridal Song

GAILY the Sun woos the Spring for his Bride
    With kisses all warm and golden;
Till the life at her heart she no longer may hide,
    And the wealth of her lover is unfolden.

With kisses, sweet kisses, the mellow Rains start
    The virgin flowers a-blossom:
And ripen their beauty till fragrant lips part,
    And Love's jewel gleams rich in their bosom.

Faint with love wingeth the wantoning Wind,
    And yearns as its heart were a-breaking,
And kisses sweet kisses, till buds be untwined;
    And the young leaves all are awaking.

The wrinkled old Sea sidles up the sands,
    And lavishes kisses in showers
On the Earth, till the Grey-beard's young darling
    All dressed in her bridal flowers!

And there's nothing so dainty-sweet in life
    As to kiss the Maid, glowing and tender,
Till the heart of the Wife, giveth up in the strife,
    Full-flowering in Love's splendour.

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