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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

Verses Written Under Violent Grief

ACCEPT the gift a friend sincere
  Wad on thy worth be preesin’;
Remembrance oft may start a tear,
But oh! that tenderness forbear,
  Though ‘twad my sorrows lessen.

My morning raise sae clear and fair,
  I thought sair storms wad never
Bedew the scene; but grief and care
In wildest fury hae made bare
  My peace, my hope, for ever!

You think I’m glad; oh, I pay weel
  For a’ the joy I borrow,
In solitude-then, then I feel
I canna to mysel’ conceal
  My deeply-ranklin’ sorrow.

Farewell! within thy bosom free
  A sigh may whiles awaken;
A tear may wet thy laughin’ ee,
For Scotia a son-ance gay like thee-
  Now hopeless, comfortless, forsaken!

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