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Bryan Waller Procter (Брайан Уоллер Проктер)


COURAGE! Nothing can withstand
Long a wronged, undaunted land
If the hearts within her be
True unto themselves and thee,
Thou freed giant, Liberty!
Oh, no mountain-nymph art thou,
When the helm is on thy brow,
And the sword is in thy hand,
Fighting for thy own good land.

Courage! Nothing e'er withstood
Freemen fighting for their good;
Armed with all their father's fame.
They will win and wear a name,
That shall go to endless glory,
Like the gods of old Greek story,
Raised to heaven and heavenly worth.
For the good they gave to earth.

Courage! There is none so poor
(None of all who wrong endure),
None so humble, none so weak,
But may flush his father's cheek,
And his maiden's, dear and true,
With the deeds that he may do.
Be his days as dark as night,
He may make himself a light.
What though sunken be his sun?
There are stars when day is done!

Courage! Who will be a slave,
That hath strength to dig a grave,
And therein his fetters hide,
And lay a tyrant by his side?
Courage ! Hope, howe'er he fly
For a time, can never die!
Courage, therefore, brother men!
Courage! To the fight again. 

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