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Anna Seward (Анна Сьюард)

Sonnet 49. While with false pride, and narrow jealousy


While with false pride, and narrow jealousy,
    Numbers reject each new expression, won,
    Perchance, from language richer than our own,
    O! with glad welcome may the Poet see
Extension's golden vantage! the decree
    Each way exclusive, scorn, and re-enthrone
    The obsolete, if strength, or grace of tone
    Or imagery await it, with a free,
And liberal daring!—For the Critic Train,
    Whose eyes severe our verbal stores review,
    Let the firm Bard require that they explain
Their cause of censure; then in balance true
    Weigh it; but smile at the objections vain
    Of sickly Spirits, hating for they do1!

1: The particle for is used in the same sense with because, by Shakespear, and Beaumont and Fletcher.

“But she, and I, were Creatures innocent,
Lov'd for we did.” Bea. and Fle. Two Noble Kinsmen.

    “——Nor must you think
I will your serious and great business scant
For she is with me.” Othello.

“They're jealous for they're jealous.” Othello.

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