Felicia Dorothea Hemans ( )

The Child's First Grief

Oh! call my brother back to me!
I cannot play alone;
The summer comes with flower and bee
Where is my brother gone?

The butterfly is glancing bright
Across the sunbeams track;
I care not now to chase its flight
Oh! call my brother back!

The flowers run wild theflowers we sowd
Around our garden tree;
Our vine is drooping with its load
Oh! call him back to me!

He would not hear thy voice, fair child!
He may not come to thee;
The face that once like spring-time smiled,
On earth no more thoult see.

A roses brief, bright life of joy,
Such unto him was given:
Go thou must play alone, my boy!
Thy brother is in heaven.

And has he left his birds and flowers;
And must I call in vain?
And through the long, long summer hours,
Will he not come again?

And by the brook and in the glade
Are all our wanderings oer?
Oh! while my brother with me playd,
Would I had loved him more!

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