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Bessie Rayner Parkes (Бесси Рейнер Паркс)


WAVES which discourse, in a melodious whisper,
Mutual knowledge with the marshall'd clouds,--
Murmur of June, which riseth up with Hesper,
When the wing'd squadrons hover round in crowds,--

Colours which change and melt at every station
Won by the sun within a glowing sky,
Whose lawful order points a fine relation
Linking the spheres of light and harmony,--

Shadows which flit and fade on every pasture,
Like to the flight of passing souls above,--
Say, "Griev'd hearts, lay down the cherish'd creature,
Let the grass quiver o'er our buried love;"--

All these are angels, offering no solution,
Yet to my sickening mind they speak of peace;
Laying calm wings about our fierce emotion,
Softly and lovingly they whisper "Cease."

Here on this hill-top lay her; she was lovely,
Gentle, of knowledge wishful, brave to hold
All sad fears silently; the leaves shall tremble
And the birds sing above her quiet mould.

As she lov'd Nature, so be Nature round her,
So may she best sleep, so we best attain
To some composure, knowing Death ne'er bound her,
And ere those trees lie low we meet again.

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