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William Wordsworth (Уильям Вордсворт)

Monument of Mrs. Howard

In Wetheral Church, near Corby, on the Banks of the Eden

STRETCHED on the dying mother’s lap lies dead
Her new-born babe; dire ending of bright hope!
But sculpture here, with the divinest scope
Of luminous faith, heavenward hath raised that head
So patiently; and through one hand has spread
A touch so tender for the insensate child,—
(Earth’s lingering love to parting reconciled,
Brief parting, for the spirit is all but fled,)—
That we, who contemplate the turns of life
Through this still medium, are consoled and cheered;
Feel with the mother, think the severed wife
Is less to be lamented than revered;
And own that art, triumphant over strife
And pain, hath powers to eternity endeared.

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