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John Bannister Tabb (Джон Банистер Табб)

The New-Year Babe

  Two together, Babe and Year,
    At the midnight chime,
  Through the darkness drifted here
    To the coast of Time.

  Two together, Babe and Year,
    Over night and day,
  Crossed the desert Winter drear
    To the land of May.

  On together, Babe and Year
    Swift to Summer passed.
  "Rest a moment, Brother dear,"
    Said the Babe at last.

  "Nay, but onward," answered Year,
    "We must farther go,
  Through the Vale of Autumn sere
    To the Mount of Snow."

  Toiling upward, Babe and Year
    Climbed the frozen height.
  "We may rest together here,
    Brother Babe,--Good-night!"

  Then together Babe and Year
    Slept; but ere the dawn,
  Vanishing, I know not where,
    Brother Year was gone!

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