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John Cunningham (Джон Каннингем)


Lightsome as convey'd by sparrows,
Love and Beauty cross'd the plains,
Flights of little pointed arrows
Love dispatch'd among the swains:
But so much our shepherds dread him,
(Spoiler of their peace profound)
Swift as scudding fawns they fled him,
Frighted, though they felt no wound.

Now the wanton God grown slyer,
And for each fond mischief ripe,
Comes disguis'd in Pan's attire,
Tuning sweet an oaten pipe:
Echo, by the winding river,
Doubles his delusive strains;
While the boy conceals his quiver,
From the slow returning swains.

As Palemon, unsuspecting,
Prais'd the sly musician's art,
Love his light disguise rejecting,
Lodg'd an arrow in his heart:
Cupid will enforce our duty,
Shepherds, and would have you taught,
Those who, timid, fly from Beauty,
May by Melody be caught.

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