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John Cunningham (Джон Каннингем)

A Man to My Mind


Since wedlock's in vogue, and stale virgins despis'd,
To all batchelors greeting, these lines are premis'd; —
I'm a maid that would marry, but where shall I find
(I wish not for fortune) a man to my mind?

Not the fair-weather fop, fond of fashion and lace;
Not the squire, that can wake to no joys but the chase;
Not the free-thinking rake, whom no morals can bind:
Neither this — that — nor t'other's the man to my mind.

Not the ruby-fac'dsot, that topes world without end;
Not the drone, who can't relish his bottle and friend;
Not the fool, that's too fond; nor the churl that's unkind:
Neither this — that — nor t'other's the man to my mind.
Not the wretch with full bags, without breeding or merit;
Not the Flash, that's all fury without any spirit;
Not the fine master Fibble, the scorn of mankind:
Neither this — that — nor t'others the man to my mind.
But the youth in whom merit and sense may conspire,
Whom the brave must esteem and the fair should admire;
In whose heart love and truth are with honour combin'd:
This — this — and no other's the man to my mind.

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