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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)

“The Return to Nature”

   Histories of Modern Poetry

        (I) PROMETHEUS

It was the south: mid-everything,
    Mid-land, mid-summer, noon;
And deep within a limpid spring
    The mirrored sun of June.

Splendour in freshness! Ah, who stole
    This sun, this fire, from heaven?
He holds it shining in his soul,
    Prometheus the forgiven.

         (II) THETIS

In her bright title poets dare
    What the wild eye of fancy sees—
Similitude—the clear, the fair
    Light mystery of images.

Round the blue sea I love the best
    The argent foam played, slender, fleet;
I saw—past Wordsworth and the rest—
    Her natural, Greek, and silver feet.

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