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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)

The Marriage of True Minds


That seeking Prelude found its unforetold
    Unguessed intention, trend;
Though needing no fulfilment, did enfold
    This exquisite end.

Bach led his notes up through their delicate slope
    Aspiring, so they sound,
And so they were—in some strange ignorant hope
    Thus to be crowned.

What deep soft seas beneath this buoyant barque!
    What winds to speed this bird!
What impulses to toss this heavenward lark!
    Thought—then the word.

Lovely the tune, lovely the unconsciousness
    Of him who promised it.
Lovely the years that joined in blessedness
    The two, the fit.

Bach was Precursor. But no Baptist's cry
    Was his; he, who began
For one who was to end, did prophesy,
    By Nature's generous act, the lesser man.

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