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William Davenant (Уильям Давенант)

For the Lady Olivia Porter; a Present upon a New-years Day

GOE! hunt the whiter Ermine! and present
His wealthy skin, as this dayes Tribute sent
To my Endimion's Love; Though she be farre
More gently smooth, more soft than Ermines are!
Goe! climbe that Rock! and when thou there hast found
A Star, contracted in a Diamond,
Give it Endimion's Love, whose glorious Eyes,
Darken the starry Jewels of the Skies!
Goe! dive into the Southern Sea! and when
Th'ast found (to trouble the nice sight of Men)	
A swelling Pearle; and such whose single worth,
Boasts all the wonders which the Seas bring forth;
Give it Endimion's Love! whose ev'ry Teare,
Would more enrich the skilful Jeweller.
How I command? how slowly they obey?
The churlish Tartar, will not hunt to day:
Nor will that lazy, sallow-Indian strive
To climbe the Rock, nor that dull Negro dive.
Thus Poets like to Kings (by trust deceiv'd)
Give oftner what is heard of, than receiv'd.

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