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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

The Vision

THE sleep of the Dreamer is dying;
    The Dream is about to be born!
'Tis a vision of England untying
    Poor Ireland's Crown of Thorn!
The Night with its shadows is flying,
    And we shall see clearer at morn:
We feel the first airs that come sighing,
    A new life to waken, and warn
Of a Light in which tears shall be drying,
    And hell-fire no longer can burn;
Our old earth shall cease from her crying,
    Nor vainly to heaven will yearn:
Immortals with mortals be vieing
    To lift up the fall'n and forlorn.
We stand 'twixt the dawning and dying,
    That mingle their verge and their
The Past, in its shroud-shadow, trying
    To hide its face, tortured and torn;
The future before us enskying
    A glimpse of Millennial Morn.
'Tis the vision of England untying
    Poor Ireland's Crown of Thorn,
And the sleep of the Dreamer is dying:
    The Dream is about to be born.

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