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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)

The Courts


The poet's imageries are noble ways,
Approaches to a plot, an open shrine.
Their splendours, colours, avenues, arrays,
        Their courts that run with wine;

Beautiful similes, "fair and flagrant things,"
Enriched, enamouring,—raptures, metaphors
Enhancing life, are paths for pilgrim kings
        Made free of golden doors.

And yet the open heavenward plot, with dew,
Ultimate poetry, enclosed, enskied
(Albeit such ceremonies lead thereto)
        Stands on the yonder side.

Plain, behind oracles, it is; and past
All symbols, simple; perfect, heavenly-wild,
The song some loaded poets reach at last—
        The kings that found a Child.

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