Marriott Edgar ( )

George and the Dragon

Ill tell you the tale of an old country pub 
As fancied itself up to date,
It had the word  Garage wrote on t stable door 
And a petrol pump outside the gate.

The  George and the Dragon were t name of the pub, 
And it stood in a spot wild and bleak,
Where nowt ever seemed to be passing that way
Except Carriers cart once a week.

The Carriers cart were a sturdy old Ford
And its driver were known as  Old Joe
He had passed pub each week but hed never been in, 
Its name even he didnt know.

One cold winter night, about quarter to one, 
He were driving home over the moor,
And had just reached the pub, when his engine stopped dead 
A thing it had neer done before.

He lifted the bonnet and fiddled around
And gave her a bit of a crank;
When he looked at his petrol he found what were wrong, 
There wasnt a drop in the tank.

He had eight miles to go and twere starting to rain, 
And he thought he were there for the night,
Till he saw the word  Garage wrote on t stable door; 
Then he said,  Lizzie, Lass... were all right.

He went up to t pub and he hammered at door 
Till a voice up above said  Hello!
It were t Publicans Wife-she said,
Now whats to do?, Ive run out of petrol, said Joe.

She said  Who are you?  He said  Carrier Joe. 
 Oh, so thats who it is, she replied
Youve been passing this door now for close on ten years 
And never once set foot inside.

A nice time of night to come knocking folks up, 
She continued. Away with your truck,
 Youd best get your petrol where you buy your beer...
 You only come here when you re stuck.

Said Joe, Aye, Ill go if youll sell me some fuel, 
I cant start my engine without.
Im willing to pay. but she told him to go 
Where hed get his fuel for nowt.

Coom, coom, Lass! said Joe, conci-latory like,
Let bygones be bygones, and when
I come round next time Ill look in. 
She said, Oh, Well, your petrol can wait until then.

With these few remarks th old girl took in her head 
And slammed winder to in his face;
He took a look round and for t very first time 
He noticed the name of the place.

He picked up some pebbles he found in the road 
And tossed them against winder pane,
And before very long lattice opened above 
And out came the old girl again.

What dye want?  she enquired. And  Not you, Joe replied, 
For this treatment had fair raised his gorge
I see George and t Dragons the name on the house, 
And Id just like a word now with George.

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