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Lucy Maud Montgomery (Люси Мод Монтгомери)

In Memory of Maggie

A pussy-cat who was the household pet for seventeen years.

Naught but a little cat, you say; 
Yet we remember her, 
A creature loving, loyal, kind, 
With merry, mellow purr; 
The faithful friend of many years, 
Shall we not give her meed of tears? 

Sleek-suited in her velvet coat, 
White-breasted and bright-eyed, 
Feeling when she was praised and stroked 
A very human pride; 
A quiet nook was sure to please 
Where she might take her cushioned ease. 

Little gray friend, we shall not feel
Ashamed to grieve for you;
Many we know of human-kind
Are not so fond and true;
Dear puss, in all the years to be
We’ll keep your memory loyally.

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