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Emma Lazarus (Эмма Лазарус)


The fervent, pale-faced Mother ere she sleep, 
Looks out upon the zigzag-lighted square, 
The beautiful bare trees, the blue night-air, 
The revelation of the star-strewn deep, 
World above world, and heaven over heaven. 
Between the tree-tops and the skies, her sight 
Rests on a steadfast, ruddy-shining light, 
High in the tower, an earthly star of even. 
Hers is the faith in saints’ and angels’ power, 
And mediating love--she breathes a prayer 
For yon tired watcher in the gray old tower. 
He the shrewd, skeptic poet unaware 
Feels comforted and stilled, and knows not whence 
Falls this unwonted peace on heart and sense.

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