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Edgar Lee Masters (Эдгар Ли Мастерс)

Harry Carey Goodhue

You never marveled, dullards of Spoon River, 
When Chase Henry voted against the saloons 
To revenge himself for being shut off. 
But none of you was keen enough 
To follow my steps, or trace me home 
As Chase’s spiritual brother. 
Do you remember when I fought 
The bank and the courthouse ring, 
For pocketing the interest on public funds? 
And when I fought our leading citizens 
For making the poor the pack-horses of the taxes? 
And when I fought the water-works 
For stealing streets and raising rates? 
And when I fought the business men 
Who fought me in these fights? 
Then do you remember: 
That staggering up from the wreck of defeat, 
And the wreck of a ruined career, 
I slipped from my cloak my last ideal, 
Hidden from all eyes until then, 
Like the cherished jawbone of an ass, 
And smote the bank and the water works, 
And the business men with prohibition, 
And made Spoon River pay the cost 
Of the fights that I had lost?

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