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Edgar Lee Masters (Эдгар Ли Мастерс)

Benjamin Painter

Together in this grave lie Benjamin Painter, attorney at law, 
And Nig, his dog, constant companion, solace and friend. 
Down the grey road, friends, children, men and women, 
Passing one by one out of life, left me till I was alone 
With Nig for partner, bed fellow, comrade in drink. 
In the morning of life I knew aspiration and saw glory. 
Then she, who survives me, snared my soul 
With a snare which bled me to death, 
Till I, once strong of sill, lay broken, indifferent, 
Living with Nig in a room back of a dingy office. 
Under my jaw-bone is snuggled the bony nose of Nig-- 
Our story is lost in silence. Go by, mad world!

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