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First Collection. Spring. Hope in Spring

In happy times a while agoo,
 My lively hope, thats now a-gone
Did stir my heart the whole year drough,
 But mwost when green-boughd spring come on:
When I did rove, wi litty veet,
Drough deäisy-beds so whites a sheet,
But still avore I usd to meet
 The blushèn cheäks that bloomd vor me!

An afterward, in lightsome youth,
 When zummer wer a-comèn on,
An all the trees wer white wi blooth,
 An dippèn zwallows skimmd the pon;
Sweet hope did vill my heart wi jaÿ,
An tell me, though thik spring wer gaÿ,
There still would come a brighter Maÿ,
 Wi blushèn cheäks to bloom vor me!

An when, at last, the time come roun,
 An brought a lofty zun to sheen
Upon my smilèn Fanny, down
 Drough nēsh young leaves o yollow green;
How charmèn wer the het that glowd,
How charmèn wer the sheäde a-drowd,
How charmèn wer the win that blowd
 Upon her cheäks that bloomd vor me!

But hardly did they times begin,
 Avore I vound em short to staÿ:
An year by year do now come in,
 To peärt me wider vrom my jaÿ,
Vor whats to meet, or whats to peärt,
Wi maïdens kind, or maïdens smart,
When hopes noo longer in the heart,
 An cheäks noo mwore do bloom vor me!

But theres a worold still to bless
 The good, where zickness never rose;
An theres a year thats winterless,
 Where glassy waters never vroze;
An there, if true but ethly love
Do seem noo sin to God above,
S a smilèn still my harmless dove,
 So feäir as when she bloomd vor me!

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