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George Gordon Byron (Джордж Гордон Байрон)

To Caroline (Think'st thou I saw thy beauteous eyes)


Think'st thou I saw thy beauteous eyes,
   ⁠Suffus'd in tears, implore to stay;
And heard unmov'd thy plenteous sighs,
⁠   Which said far more than words can say?


Though keen the grief thy tears exprest,
   ⁠When love and hope lay both o'erthrown;
Yet still, my girl, this bleeding breast
   ⁠Throbb'd, with deep sorrow, as thine own.


But, when our cheeks with anguish glow'd,
⁠   When thy sweet lips were join'd to mine;
The tears that from my eyelids flow'd
⁠   Were lost in those which fell from thine.


Thou could'st not feel my burning cheek,
   ⁠Thy gushing tears had quench'd its flame,
And, as thy tongue essay'd to speak,
   ⁠In sighs alone it breath'd my name.


And yet, my girl, we weep in vain,
⁠   In vain our fate in sighs deplore;
Remembrance only can remain,
⁠   But that will make us weep the more.


Again, thou best belov'd, adieu!
   ⁠Ah! if thou canst, o'ercome regret,
Nor let thy mind past joys review,
⁠   Our only hope is, to forget!


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