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Charles Wesley (Чарльз Уэсли)

* * *

Ye servants of the Lord,
In Jesu’s praises join,
Who now confirms His word,
And sends another sign,
Sign of His day, and kingdom near:
Look up, and see your Lord appear!

His coming He foreshows
By famine, plague, and war,
And epidemic woes
His swift approach declare,
Trembles the earth to find Him near:
Look up, and see your Lord appear!

Hark how all nature groans
In pangs of second birth!
Expect, ye ransomed ones,
A new created earth,
The ruin of the old is near:
Look up, and see your Lord appear!

His tokens we espy,
And now lift up our head,
And in the earthquake cry,
It is my Savior’s tread!
He comes to save His servants here:
Look up, and see your Lord appear.

We do with joy look up,
In national distress,
With confidence of hope,
To meet the Prince of Peace,
We, unappalled in general fear,
Look up, and see our Lord appear.

Our Lord appears again,
His glorious power to show,
He comes, He comes to reign,
With all His saints below,
Judgment is mercy’s harbinger;
The earth is gone—and Christ is here!

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